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Riveting new chapter begins

After selling our 30′ international, and hunting high and low for a replacement, our riveting travels continue!

After being absolutely certain we were going to get a new 2016 27′ Airstream Pendleton, we came to our financial senses and decided instead to get the Eddie Bauer edition. 

We found the perfect trailer! A barely used 2016 27′ EB in upstate NY. And by upstate, I mean thisclose to Canada. It was ours and we were so excited to get it. And the day we were set to sign papers, we discovered a 2015 25′ EB being sold in Texas. The 25 foot has the queen bed in the front of the trailer configured in an east-west direction and doesn’t seem to receive a lot of love by many Airstreamers. But we don’t mind climbing over each other and the smaller footprint will allow us to stay in some campsites that would otherwise be difficult, if not impossible, to navigate with a longer rig. I’ve heard tell that some National and State Parks have a 25′ length limit! 

So! We are preparing for a road trip to Texas!! 

But first! 6- and 9-year-olds are notoriously uninterested in boring, long road trips. Thankfully, we are a short [to us, not to them] jaunt to grandparents. 

So the kids have been deposited and we head back home to pack and prepare for our grown-ups-only road trip!


Some crazy storm predicted right when we need to leave. 


Crossing the Cheapeake Bay Bridge with less than 10 cars. No exaggeration!!!


Meanwhile, the girls look neglected and tormented. 

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